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Floor & Wall Tiling Works

Plumbing Is Any System That Conveys Fluids For A Wide Range Of Applications. Plumbing Uses Pipes, Valves, Plumbing Fixtures, Tanks, And Other Apparatuses To Convey Fluids.[1] Heating And Cooling (HVAC), Waste Removal, And Potable Water Delivery Are Among The Most Common Uses For Plumbing, But It Is Not Limited To These Applications.[2] The Word Derives From The Latin For Lead, Plumbum, As The First Effective Pipes Used In The Roman Era Were Lead

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Electromechanical equipment installation and maintenance

Floor & wall tilink works

Air-conditioning, ventilations & air filtration systems installation & maintenance wallpaper fixing works

Plumbing & sanitary installation

False ceiling & light partitions installation

Electromechanical equipment installation and maintenance plaster works

Carpentry & wood flooring works

Electrical fittings & fixtures repairing & maintenance

Building cleaning services

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