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Marble polishing is a treatment that aims to increase the brightness of the stone especially in cases where the marble floor is opaque or yellowed, for example when the marble is installed outdoors and is therefore exposed to direct sunlight or subjected to the constant action of atmospheric agents.

Marble polishing is nothing more than the actual removal of the surface and worn layer of the marble floor which allows to obtain a smooth, intact and uniform surface again. Shining is another step of marble polishing whose aim is to restore the luster and beauty of the stone which, over time and with continuous treading, may decrease. Both terms tend to be used indistinctly.

Marble polishing is a process that combines the use of chemical products and abrasive equipment: a professional granite and marble polishing machine called “sander” with increasingly finer-grained discs. In the final phase of marble polishing, chemical products are added in order to obtain a “mirror” polished marble surface.

Therefore, polishing is a finish made by expert marble workers to obtain the classic polished marble surface but also a mechanical process that is implemented through the use of a special marble polishing machine to regain the original splendor and luster of the stone, if lost or diminished with time and wear. These are undoubtedly the best and suggested methods for a a correct marble polishing. However, there are also tips and methods within everyone’s reach that can be followed to clean and polish the marble, or simply to revive the marble, if there is a marble floor, a wall covering, a bathroom top or a kitchen top in slightly opaque marble or with small areas which have lost their initial luster.

Below we analyze both the techniques for marble polishing used by professionals and the suggestions on how to polish marble which can be followed by all those who have a marble floor.

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