Major products

Major products

We Supply the following high-quality equipment and products from well-reputed manufacturers-

Chiller, Chilled Water Pump, AHU, FCU, VRF Systems, Window Air-Conditioner, Split Air-conditioner, Package type, Floor-standing Air-conditioner etc.

Cooling units for Data Center, IT, Telecom shelter & critical infrastructure- Precision cooling units, Close control units, Down Flow, Up flow, In-Row Cooling, DX type, Chilled Water Type, Combination of DX and Chilled water etc.

Generators & Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Grilles & diffusers for air distribution systems

Water heater for residential & commercial applications

Access control Systems

CCTV Systems

Raised Access Floor

Perforated panels

Floor & Wall Tiles

Wooden floor

False Ceiling

Digital Leak Detection equipment etc.

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